Our Story

BXT Partners was started in 2010 by the founders who had prior management consulting experience at a premier management consulting firm. They were driven by the entrepreneurial urge to help customers enable growth and organizational effectiveness through effective use of technology.


We helped a major financial regulator drive strategy development and assist with execution management. This resulted in helping the customer better respond to the financial crisis and implement new laws and regulations.

We helped customers with Digital Strategy, DevOps Implementation, Agile Transformation etc. even before these jargons became popular in the industry.


Based on this success, founders established BXT Partners to replicate what we are good at  i.e. working at the intersection of business and technology to help organizations

      • Develop strategies, design business operations and implement change to achieve business goals
      • Develop IT strategies and execute projects that turn strategy into measurable business results


Since then, we have hired, mentored and nurtured employees who have the passion to help organizations innovate business leveraging technology. All of our employees have a combination of business domain and technology expertise.


Our Vision has evolved building on our foundation

“To be recognized as a leader in helping organizations of all sizes transform into innovative, technology centric and data driven business models”